About Me

I am a Foreign Service officer married to a retired Marine, addicted to home improvement shows and dreaming of one day transforming into an interior designer or maybe an archaeologist...

I have a great job that allows me to travel the world, collecting passport stamps and home accessories with equal abandon. Art, carpets, glass, furniture- if it is at all portable, it is fair game! Though I love the spare interiors so often highlighted on Apartment Therapy, my own home is packed with color and clutter and hopefully a little Foreign Circus style.

Of late, I have begin to actually enjoy fashion after years of thinking it was impossible to find cute clothes in my size.  A friend turned me on to Anthropologie, and I haven't looked back since!  Slowly but surely I am becoming more comfortable experimenting with my look, pairing odd items together to create outfits that seem to work.  In a field dominated by dark suits, I'm adding a little color and pattern to brighten the office.

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