Tuesday, February 19, 2013

OOTD & Review: Davos Loungers

Cardigan: Tiered Ruffles Open Cardigan |  Top: Slanted Layers Tee (Ivory)
Pants: Davos Loungers
Shoes: Seychelles Lil Rascal Wedge Pump
I was feeling spring-like today and wanted an outfit to reflect that feeling.  I love the idea of patterned pants, but not in heavy denim or corduroy.  These rayon Davos Loungers fit the bill- they looked like silk crops and were delightfully comfortable to wear all day at work.  I have the Slanted Layers Tee in ivory and the aqua/ivory stripe pattern; both fit well in an XL and are both comfortable and flattering.  Both the cardigan and wedges have gotten a lot of love lately and so have definitely proven to be excellent purchases.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

OOTD & Review: Floating Stripes Cardigan

Cardigan: Floating Stripes Cardigan |  Top: Paint the Sky Tee
Jeans: Torrid | Boots: Fanned Shine Booties
I wore this outfit to a Margaritaville party last weekend when an unexpected chill made my original tropical dress an unworkable option.  I've had the Floating Stripes Cardigan for over a year and only wore it once before.  I'm not even sure why I reached for it this time around, but I am glad I did.  I love the colors and the stripes, and the way this cardigan is only long at the sides.  I got tons of compliments on this sweater but I will say it is VERY delicate- one woman walking by got her watch snagged on it and it took some careful work to separate the two without tearing.  I was able to easily wiggle the loose knit to reabsorb the snag, but it made me wary the rest of the night.

The Paint the Sky Tee is one I reach for fairly often because the orange color is a nice bright pop under a darker cardigan; the fun pintuck detailing is admittedly covered this way, but orange and redheads don't mix too well  without something to break up the look.  The jeans are from the clearance rack at Torrid and were super-comfortable for the night.

The Fanned Shine Booties were picked up as part of the January sale at Anthropologie and I love them.  True to size in an 8.5, these boots have a great solid heel and a wonderfully fun fan detail on the back.  I've worn them with dresses but they also looked great with these dark jeans, providing a fun bit of sparkle to anchor my party ensemble.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

OOTD & Review: Convergent Jersey Dress

Cardigan: Luzula Cardigan |  Dress: Convergent Jersey Dress
Tights: Hue | Boots: Cherry Stem Boots

I love the Luzula Cardigan- an older piece that was one of my very earliest Anthropologie purchases.  It is light and full of wonderful colors and swirly patterns that make it a great topper for so many outfits.  I love the 3/4 length sleeves and the reinforced button placket; I wear this sweater to work a lot.

The Convergent Jersey Dress is a new arrival and I love it.  So soft and so comfortable- this jersey dress is a winner with its long sleeves and side ruching.  The back has no ruching and so is a little clingy for my taste, but with a cardigan or jacket, this isn't an issue.  I do with the sleeves were a tad shorter, but the length of the dress itself is perfect so I'll cope.

The Cherry Stem Boots are a favorite purchased last year and reviewed here.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

OOTD & Review: Flowerfield Chemise and Dankov Cabled Blazer

Dress: Flowerfield Jersey Chemise | Cardigan: Dankov Cabled Blazer
Tights: Penneys (in Dublin) | Boots: Cherry Stem Boots
Coat: Ruffle Collar Wool Blend Coat (Old Navy) | Earrings: Jingled Hoops

I do so love these suede Cherry Stem Boots.  I missed them on sale at Anthro but was then lucky enough to find them on the EA Trademarket just in time for my birthday last year.  The pull and and fit great; I wish they were not quite so slouchy in the ankles but that is a quibble- they are extremely comfortable with a great lugged sole.

The Flowerfield Chemise is comfortable if a bit thin to wear out in the work without a slip or tights.  I love the pattern of the skirt though the light great top is not a great color on me.  I like the neckline and wish the sleeves were a bit shorter but I can make that change if necessary.  This definitely works as a dress but for me requires a layering piece.

The Dankov Cabled Blazer in beige fits the same as the red one I talked about here.  In photos it looks very bland- I would like to add a scarf and maybe wear my hair down next time to break up the light neutral of this piece.

Monday, January 28, 2013

OOTD & Review: Dankov Cabled Blazer

Dress: Partridge Peck Chemise | Cardigan: Dankov Cabled Blazer
Tights: Penneys (in Dublin) | Boots: Lyra Booties 
Coat: Ruffle Collar Wool Blend Coat (Old Navy) | Earrings: Jingled Hoops

Ah yes, winter comes to Saudi Arabia.  Truthfully, winter here was about 50 degrees so not punishingly cold by any stretch of the imagination, but certainly a difference from the 130 degrees we hit during the summer months.  The brief chill allowed me to bundle up a bit and to add some much needed color to my outfit.

The purple coat hails from Old Navy and is a wonderful winter jacket.  I love the purple color and the ruffle neck, though I suspect the coat might flap in the wind because of where the buttons end.  Old Navy can be hit or miss for me on coats, but this is a rare win.

I've been waiting for the Dankov blazer for a while (one order went astray so I ordered it again at which point of course both boxes showed up on my doorstep!) and now that I have it, my feelings are mixed.  It is very comfortable, and I love the color.  This is also a wonderfully warm sweater, and I like the structured look of it for work.  The sleeves are a but long, and bell out at the end which was awkward with the coat.  I also think it doesn't photograph well, which is a shame because I think it looked better in person than it does above.  The fact that it is a thicker knit adds bulk, but the structured shape helps keep it reasonable.  I suspect this blazer looks better on someone with a smaller bust but I will be keeping it regardless.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

OOTD & Review: Capon Robe and Tiered Ruffles Open Cardigan

Cardigan: Tiered Ruffles Open Cardigan | Dress: Capon Robe
Slip: Seamless Slip in Cream | Shoes: Nine West

I ordered the Capon Robe ages ago, not really realizing that it has roosters on it until after it shipped!  When it did arrive, I was surprised by how much the robe better resembled a wrap dress, at least on me vs. on the Anthropologie model.  I've been hanging onto this unworn piece for months, until the arrival of the Tiered Ruffles Open Cardigan sparked an outfit idea.  The robe/dress is very easy to wear, though I needed to pair it with this super-comfortable slip in order to reduce the cleavage and to minimize the visible leg when walking.  Now that I know I the robe as a dress, I'll likely tack the wrap to help hold it together in the future.  

The cardigan is another comfortable piece.  I love the 3/4 length sleeves (easier for typing at work) and the little pockets (great for a tissue).  The best part of this sweater is the layered back, which adds a lovely touch of visible interest from all angles.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

OOTD & Review: Spaced Striations Chemise & Hydrangea Border Cardigan

Cardigan: Hydrangea Border Cardigan | Dress: Spaced Striations Chemise
Seychelles Lil Rascal Wedge Pump

The Spaced Striations Chemise is a lovely blue and white striped dress with sleeves that end just above the elbow.  Extremely comfortable, this dress has a fun hot-pink trim with buttons on the shoulders that adds just a little pizzazz.  The scoop neck is a great shape and I like the empire waistline.  My only quibble here is that I wish the dress were a couple of inches longer; I'm concerned about possible shrinkage when I clean this chemise.

The Hydrangea Border Cardigan is another delightful piece- light and airy, it is the perfect accent for spring.  This sweater is pretty sheer as you can see above; I enjoyed layering it over stripes but doubt it would work over another floral for example.  The cardigan has no closure but seems to fall perfectly- I did not have to spend the day fiddling to get it to sit right.  I love the flowery border of this flowy cardigan which looks great over a dress or jeans.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

OOTD & Review: Space Dyed Smocked Chemise

Dress: Space Dyed Smocked Chemise | Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft (old)
I love this dress because it is a great heavyweight layering piece for winter.  The elastic smocking gives this piece shape and and makes it quite comfortable.  Would be great with tights and boots, though I wish it had sleeves rather than tank straps to make it a better work piece.  Since it is sleeveless, I would like to find a loose cowl neck to layer underneath.  I definitely consider this much more a dress than a chemise given the heft of the fabric.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

OOTD & Review: Japonaise Blooms Print Dress

Dress: Japonaise Blooms Print Dress | Shoes: Nine West

This dress is a new addition to my wardrobe, one that came from eShakti.  I can't remember whose blog first sent me to eShakti, but I have bought a few things from them in the last year.  Though I do love the concept (a large range of sizes) and the ability to customize dresses (necklines, sleeves, length), I have found the customer service to be hit or miss.  The quality of the dresses have been exceptional, but size consistency just hasn't been there and shipping is often super-slow.

This dress was a definite hit for me- I love the print and the lines of the dress.  The dress is smocked in the back which helps with fit and comfort, and the length is bang on for work.  The soft lines of the rayon make those pleats not too bulky though I do wish the neckline was less plunging so I wouldn't have to wear a camisole underneath.  I wore this to work the day after it arrived, and got three different compliments from folks who have never before commented on anything I wear.  I love pockets and the fabric and think this is one of eShakti's better offerings.

The shoes are a couple of years old from Nine West (via DSW).  They are very comfortable and my only pair of orange shoes.  Though I like the pointy toe, I must confess they aren't wearing very well because the points have a tendency to catch and drag which is damaging the leather.  I don't wear them often, but they are comfortable to wear for the entire day running around at work.

(Sorry by the way for the smudge on the mirror- must clean that before taking more photos!)